Spit Stix, a punk chronicle

Going to a FEAR show always guaranteed a show by the audience.

Plenty of people thought our stage rantings were serious.

Dead Kenedys' thought we were fascists.

Homophobes thought we were gay.

Lesbians thought we were mysogynists.

Entertainment is a form of employment.

We were just working hard.


I joined FEAR in '78

Being punk means not having a roadie

Beer gude

Managed by Danny Hutton here

We played Saturday Night Live Halloween

Flea played for a while

Nicky Beat gave me that kick drum

Philo telling too long of a joke

Classic original flavor

My day gig was playing at night with these guys

Last "Original Member" FEAR lineup

After NYC FEAR show, Oct. 2000

At this time there are no reunion shows planned with Philo or I. We'll see tho.

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